Via WordPress Admin

  • From your sites admin, go to Themes > Install Themes.
  • In the search box, type ‘Fotographia’ and press enter.
  • Locate the entry for ‘Fotographia’ (there should be only one) and click the ‘Install’ link.
  • When installation is finished, click the ‘Activate’ link.

Manual Install

  • Download the file from the theme page.
  • Unzip the file.
  • Using an FTP client (I recommend FireZilla), upload the ‘fotographia’ file to your WordPress theme folder. Make sure the
  • file you upload simply says ‘fotographia’ with no numbers after it. Otherwise, it won’t work.
  • Go into your WordPress Admin, navigate to ‘Appearance > Themes’.
  • Find the Fotographia listing on this page and click ‘Activate’.