This past week I spent the vast majority of my time in my dorm room cooped up being sick with viral pharyngitis and a fever. Safe to say, it was no fun.

So when I woke up Saturday feeling infinitely much better, I decided it was time to get off of campus for a while. And without a doubt, I headed north and east.

Taking my usual route, I followed the Union Pacific’s Austin Sub up to Round Rock. With a green light showing for a north-bound train at the I-35 underpass, I pulled off at a park a little further ahead alongside the track. I waited for five minutes and then decided to continuing up the line towards Taylor.

Bad move. As I began to exit the park, a north-bound Union Pacific container stack train roared on by. I missed this chance, but the chase was on.


I caught back up with the train just east of Taylor. I got what I thought was far enough ahead before stopping at a convenience store to snap a few photos and grab a Gatorade. Turns out, I only had a few seconds before getting this meh photo.

I passed the train again just east of Thorndale and drove into Rockdale towards a small train museum in downtown. Again, I thought I had given myself enough time to park and get at least somewhat set up. Again, I was wrong.

By the time I pulled down the street the museum, the train was already zooming by. I ended up pulling up to the crossing and getting a few pictures with the train zipping passed the museum before returning to Austin.

A north-bound Union Pacific container stack train zooms by the Rockdale Depot Museum on Nov. 7, 2015.

Considering how bad this week has actually gone, this wasn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things. It certainly could have gone better, but at least I came back with something, which is a lot better than what I can say about some trips I’ve made.

But hopefully next trip out, everything actually comes together like it should. Hopefully.

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