Sometimes the best moments are spontaneous moments.

One such moment came up when I was returning back to Austin for the upcoming Spring semester. I stopped in Temple to take a break from an I-35 induced headache, grabbed lunch at Subway and went into downtown to eat it.

I went to Temple’s railroad park. Located next to the Santa Fe Depot and right on the wye between the Galveston, Fort Worth and Lampasas Subdivisions for BNSF, it’s essentially the best spot for railfanning in the area. And with a playground and a platform to see over the fence, it has just about everything it needs.


When I pulled up, there was already a train waiting to begin its trek down the Galveston Sub. Before I could finish half of my foot-long sandwich, the engineer blew the horn to start it’s journey and I came out of the car to get a few pictures as it left.

That was it as far as trains were considered, that was it. The departing train revealed the engine yard in the middle of the wye and a plethora of engines. I grabbed a couple of shots and then, knowing I still had a lengthy drive ahead of me, got back in the car and left for Austin.

I’m not sure how many more chances I’ll have to make a stop in Temple, but I hope I can spend more time at such a good place.

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